2017 facts about London Cycling – and a question

The just-published report Street Smarts: Report of the Commission on the Future of London’s Roads and Streets contains facts about cycling and leads me to ask: do cyclists have their fair share of (1) London’s road space? (2) London’s investment? I guess you can guess my answers.

  1. p.14 Increased competition for carriageway space is illustrated by the rapid growth in cycling (133 per cent in the years 2000-15),3
    with cyclists now making up over a quarter of all rush hour vehicle traffic in central London.
  2. p.19 Cyclists (464,000 trips per day) Need safe roads and parking
  3. p. 19 Taxi and private hire passengers (294,000 trips per day) Need journey reliability and waiting bays
  4. p.21 While most school children live within walking distance of their school, less than half (43.7 per cent) actually do walk, while only 2.6 per cent cycle. Yet, nearly half of car trips made by London residents could be cycled in around 10 minutes and more than a third of car trips could be walked in under 25 minutes.
  5. p. 22 The Greater London Authority (GLA) estimates that there is potential for the proportion of travel time spent walking or cycling to more than double to 60 per cent. If this is achieved, it would deliver a health benefit of 61,500 life years and an economic benefit of
    £2.2bn per annum
  6. p.41 A recent TfL assessment of cycling potential identified 25 corridors across London for investment priority.

These facts support (p. 42) Recommendation 1: TfL and the boroughs should continue to reallocate space in line with a clear road space hierarchy, using intelligent street design to prioritise the most efficient and appropriate modes by providing a combination of: adequate pedestrian space, new segregated cycling lanes and Quietways, priority bus lanes and rapid bus transit services, and  consideration of where emerging shared mobility services sit in this hierarchy.

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