Air pollution in London – how to solve the problem

solve London's air pollution problem

Good urban landscape design can solve London’s air pollution problem

King’s College London Air website has made a great contribution to surveying and analysing London’s air pollution problems but hangs up its gloves when faced with the question: CAN ANYTHING BE DONE ABOUT THIS? King’s say ‘a long term problem that has not been easy to solve’. Fair enough: they are scientists. Solving the air pollution problem requires the vision and imagination of  urban landscape designers. I’ve taken advice from a few of them. London should:

  1. Make every street a greener street, with more vegetation, more space for cyclists, more space for pedestrians – and less space for air polluting vehicles
  2. Remove on-street car parking in Central London, except for disabled people
  3. Increase the level of investment in cycle lanes, between two-fold and ten-fold.
  4. Make car-share of electric vehicles the most financially attractive choice in the suburbs
  5. Assess a sewerage charge for each dwelling, to encourage green roofs and sustainable drainage in gardens
  6. Follow Oslo’s example and set a target for making the Central Business District car free.

Tom Turner

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