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London Housing Crisis

Costs of London rents and freehold properties are rising beyond ordinary workers’ means (to £474,544 in June 2015 (i)). People are having to travel from outside the Greenbelt at great expense. The Mayor’s draft Housing Policy (2014) forecast a need

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Green Streets and air pollution

Those interested in actually tackling the issue of high levels of particulate pollution in city streets can measure particulate levels by taking part in the ISPEX scheme, between 1 September and 15 October 2015, and measure particulate levels on their mobile

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  Finally, decades after Paris began its RER system, London  is building its first Crossrail, which is west-east and due to open in 2019. Like Paris’s RER it is being built to continental GB loading gauge and it eventually could

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Transport and Landscape Architects

Over a century of experience: Landscape Architects have well over a century of experience of dealing with transport infrastructure projects. In the States parkways were roads created to view the scenery. The first parkway is generally thought to be the Eastern

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High Speed 2 Vision for Design

There’s an interesting article by Charles Crawford of LDA Design in the current 19 August 2015 issue of Rail. This summarizes elements of the HS2 Design Vision. HS2 being the high speed railway from London to Birmingham and to Manchester

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Mayow Park, Sydenham

 Sydenham Just north of Sydenham and in Perry Vale off Mayow Road and south of Forest Hill, this seven hectare park was opened in 1875 when the area was being first developed. It still has a fair number of field

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Poundbury. Poundbury is an urban extension to the Dorset town of Dorchester, a sort of garden suburb. It is sited to the west of Dorchester. The planned population is 5,000 and it forms a significant extension to the town. Dorchester

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Don’t breathe in Oxford Street

                        Caption: An image of a traffic free Oxford Street from one of Labour’s 2016 Mayoral candidates, Christian Wolmar. David Carslaw’s paper at the June 2014 London Air Quality Network

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Origins of Landscape Architecture

May I contribute a version (taken from chapter 1 of the book written jointly with Jamie Liversedge Landscape Architecture, an introduction [2014]) which overlaps, but also extends the ground, covered by Tom Turner? Aesthetics + Horticulture + Ecology + Sustainability

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The landscape architecture of green streets

Landscape architects and urban designers can green streets and other routes as a contribution to mitigating climate change by undertaking or promoting some or all of the following desiderata: plan ecological corridors to promote migration of flora and fauna, conserve water,  use

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