Bad landscape architecture 1: Creekside non-village in Deptford, London

Inspired by James Kunstler’s Ted talk  How bad architecture wrecked cities (video above) I am planning some blog posts on Bad landscape architecture.  Much of it, of course, is designed or commissioned by architects. But you can’t blame them. They have no education in the subject. If you asked me to design a big bridge  I too might make a terrible job of it.

My first video study is of a project described by the Deptford Dame, rather flatteringly,  as a ‘leering lump of steel and glass’. The architects were Squire & Partners.

Seen from Deptford Creek, this statement on Squire & Partners website is utterly preposterous: Squire and Partners’ approach responds to the unique heritage and context of each site, considering established street patterns, scale and proportions, to create timeless architecture rooted in its location.

Tom Turner

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