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Save Dolphin Square and its wonderful roof garden

Sadly, a US property company Westbrook wants to spoil one of the most significant housing projects in London. Its central importance in the history of residential site planning comes from: Dolphin Square’s use of high residential terraced blocks to create

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Johanna of J&L Gibbons ECLAS lecture on Second Nature

Jo gave a most interesting lecture to the Greenwich ECLAS landscape architecture conference in September 2017. It had three themes. First Urban forestry. Many of the principles of sustainable design come from forestry practice. When we have No Trees we

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Manor House Gardens

Manor House Gardens was a private garden until acquired by the London County Council and opened as a public park in 1901. By 1993, when a park user proup was formed, it was under-funded and under-used. John Hopkins, a landscape

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Bankside Open Spaces Trust – BOST

The Bankside Open Spaces Trust (BOST) is regenerating public open spaces in north-west Southwark and also making new public open spaces. It is a community initiative – and it is going very well. Some of the spaces were neglected public

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Cross Bones Garden of Remembrance by Bankside Open Spaces Trust

Cross Bones Garden is being made on the site of Cross Bones Graveyard. For centuries, it was a paupers’ burial ground used for the interment of bodies which could not be accommodated on consecrated ground. Many of the people buried

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Dalston Eastern Curve Community Garden’s landscape architecture London

Dalston Eastern Curve Community Garden is on the site of a railway line that had been derelict for half a century. J&L Gibbons landscape architects worked with muf/architecture on looking for underused space in Hackney. They found the site and

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Interview with Johanna Gibbons London landscape architect of J&L Gibbons

Johanna Gibbons is a London landscape architect and founder of J&L Gibbons. In another interview, with the Landscape journal, she explained her community approach to design: ‘We don’t do consultation,’ she tells me. ‘We do engagement.’ To Gibbons, consultation is ‘often

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