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Cambridge Guided Busway & Cycleway Benefit Cost Analysis

Cambridge requires a study to compare the costs and benefits of  cycleway networks with those of guided busway networks. Generally: Transport planners favour busways and do not to treat cycling is a serious mass transit mode. Landscape architects believe that when

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The history of cycle network infrastructure planning in London

There have been three four main phases in London Cycle Network Planning 1930s: segregated cycle lanes beside new arterial roads Leslie Hore-Belisha was an innovative Minister of Transport, remembered for introducing pedestrian crossings, a 30 MPH speed limit in built

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Lecture on London Cycle Network Planning

Lecture by Tom Turner on 23rd April 2018, the LI London Branch The Landscape Urbanism Design Method should be applied to the problem of giving London the Cycleway Network it deserves: for getting from A-to-B, the aim should be to

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Jeremy Vine tells the truth about London cycle infrastructure, to the GLA London Assembly Transport Committee

London transport policy favours motor-power transport and discriminates against human-powered travel. This may be compared with official discrimination against women, gays and ethnic minorities at the start of the twentieth century. Jeremy Vine was interviewed by the London Assembly Transport

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Cycling in the 2018 New London Plan

Consultation on the New London Plan Friday ends 5pm on 2 March 2018. All comments will  then go to a government inspector. He will tell the GLA what it must do. So it is a great opportunity for cyclists to give their

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Cambridge greenway cycleway planning, review by Tom Turner

Cambridge tops the lists for UK economic growth and  cycle commuting. It  is near the bottom of the list for car ownership. With 29% of trips done by bike it is far ahead of other UK cities but still behind

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Greenway and cycleway landscape architecture

These paths are all cycleways. They are not all greenways. Sustrans National Cycle Route NCN1 on the Isle of Dogs is not a greenway, not a green street and not a promenade. It is a badly conceived, planned and designed

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Two problems with CS4 cycle superhighway

TfL are consulting on CS4. The video (below) shows the route in spring 2017 . Here  are my comments on the now-published proposal the proposal would be greatly strengthened by negotiating a daytime route through Southwark Park.  It is fortunate

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2017 facts about London Cycling – and a question

The just-published report Street Smarts: Report of the Commission on the Future of London’s Roads and Streets contains facts about cycling and leads me to ask: do cyclists have their fair share of (1) London’s road space? (2) London’s investment? I guess

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The attrition of vehicles by cities is good for cyclists and pedestrians

With surpassing brilliance Jane Jacobs advocated ‘the attrition of automobiles’ in cities ‘by making conditions less convenient for cars’. I write this as a London car driver (and cyclist).

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