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The TfL 2018 London Cycle Strategy is welcome but has 7 problems

  The 2018 Mayor’s Transport Strategy MTS includes a plan for a strategic cycle network. After work on  London Cycle Network Plus LCN+ stopped in 2018 TfL published plans for Superhighways and Quietways. The 2018 MTS is a development of

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London Cycle Strategy: review of what’s good and bad in Lewisham

I did the below Tweet after a bad experience at Lewisham Gateway. Then I read its 2017 Cycle Strategy and cycled more of the ‘Network’ cycle routes. My conclusions are set out in this video. Here is a video review of

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UK cyclists must campaign together for cycle infrastructure #Campaign4Cycling

Congratulations to Donnachadh Mcarthy. He organised a great pro-cycling demo on 13.10.2018 – and he’s dead right: much more of the transport budget must go on cycling infrastructure only a major national demo will bring this about. therefore all  pro-cycling clubs

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Trafalgar Square has an amazing number of empty buses

I heard the head of a London bus company on the radio this week saying that cycle lanes should be de-segregated because they were only used during the morning and evening rush hours. He should have a look at the

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The London Cycle Network is a fraud

The London Cycle Network was planned by the London Cycling Campaign shortly after it was formed, in 1979, and approved by Ken Livingstone when he became leader of the Greater London Council in 1981. This led to some minor improvements

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Cycling infrastructure produces high benefits for low costs

 Cycling infrastructure costs about 1/30th as much as railways and produces three times as much benefit/£1bn invested. Here are some figures £11m for 5km of CS6 (from Elephant and Castle to King’s Cross) = £2.2m/km £47m for  CS3 (9.2

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London Cycle Network REVEALED BY 9 EXAMPLES

The London Cycle Network LCN is a prime example of  tokenism (‘the practice of making only a perfunctory or symbolic effort to be inclusive to members of minority groups’). It was an advertising stunt and a fraud. When mapped, it

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Funeral for the Unknown Cyclist

Please come and please invite your friends to come. Dreadful design and pitiful planning of the UK’s cycle infrastructure results in a per/mile injury rate that is four times higher than that in Denmark and Holland. Something must be done:

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Cost Benefit Ratio Analysis for Cycling & Crossrail 2 in London

In 2018 it was announced that the opening of Crossrail 1 will be delayed by 12 months and that it will cost at least an extra £600m (up from £14.8 billion to £15.4 billion). In 2019 this will be 3.8

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Cambridge Guided Busway & Cycleway Benefit Cost Analysis

Cambridge requires a study to compare the costs and benefits of  cycleway networks with those of guided busway networks. Generally: Transport planners favour busways and do not to treat cycling is a serious mass transit mode. Landscape architects believe that when

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