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Landscape and garden weddings

Landscape architects, who pay increasing attention to programming the events which take place in the spaces they plan and design, could give more thought to weddings and wedding photography. Every couple likes to have brilliant photographs of their wedding and

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Landscape architects aghast as Donald Trump unveils White House garden designs

Post-Brexit the UK is snuggling up to Uncle Sam. But landscape architects are right to worry about what might happen to Buckingham Palace after President Elect Donald Trump reveals his current thinking on re-designing the White House Garden.

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Lancelot Capability Brown 300th anniversary: an appraisal of his reputation

The above video questions whether Lancelot Brown one of the world’s great designers – as Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe (from 1:17 in the video below) speaks of ‘Capability Brown who one of the great designers in the world without a doubt’. Since

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George RR Martin, on architects, gardeners and landscape architects

Game of Thrones’ author, George RR Martin, identifies two kinds of writer: the gardener and the architect (see eg this Youtube interview from 26:00, excerpt below). When a building is started the architect knows how many windows, flights of stairs and

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Chandigarh 4 (of 4): Pinjore Yadavindra Mughal garden design

Corbusier visited Pinjore’s Mughal Garden when working on the design of Chandigarh – and it is a pity he did not learn more from the experience. Corbusier could also have read Constance Villiers-Stuart’s account of the Pinjore garden (in The

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Chandigarh 3 (of 4): The garden design of Nek Chand’s Illegal Rock Garden

Nek Chand Saini’s (नेक चंद सैनी) Rock Garden in Chandigarh is a remarkable contrast with Corbusier’s Capitol Complex, which it adjoins. Corb’s work is sterile, vacant, glaring and unused. Chand’s work is fascinating, cool, shady and very popular. How is

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Wynyard Hall garden design by Alistair Baldwin landscape architect

Alistair Baldwin, a landscape architect who used to teach at Leeds Met, has designed a garden for Sir John Hall at Wynyard Hall Hotel in the Tees Valley. The press viewed it as a ‘stunning £1.6m rose garden’. Alistair explained

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Preben Jakobsen Modernist garden design

Karen Fitzsimon wrote (in the Telegraph 27 February 2015) about a visit to one of Preben Jakobsen’s best gardens: ‘Standing in front of the property, I took a punt and decided to knock on the door. I fully expected the

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