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London Landscape Replacement Policy

Brexiteers have called for London to become a ‘Singapore-on-Thames’ and one aspect of this is very attractive. Singapore has seen itself as a Garden City for many years and it agreed  a landscape replacement policy in 2009. LUSH 2.0 is

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“How Concrete Jungles became Green Cities”

‘‘Concrete jungle’ is the classic criticism of Modernist cities. The phrase was first used in a Billy Wilder movie to describe a sterile leafless view from an apartment in New York City (image, above top). Instead, cities should be richly

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Green living wall research at the University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich Green Roofs and Living Wall Research Centre has installed a NEMEC Living Wall on the first floor of the building in which landscape architects and architects are taught. The Stockwell Street building has extensive and intensive

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San Francisco threat to green roofs?

The San Francisco Examiner reports that ‘Beginning January [2017], new commercial and residential buildings of up to 10 stories in height will have to install rooftop solar systems for heat or electricity under legislation unanimously approved by the Board of

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Beautiful courtyard garden in Vietnam

Browsing landscape architecture on G+ let me find this beautiful image of Naman Spa. Small courtyards are not easy to design, if their primary role is to be a light well, but this courtyard has other virtues: the creepers are local

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London needs more green living walls

London needs more green walls for all its residents. Living green walls, if you don’t know, are panels of plants grown vertically using hydroponics, on structures that can be either free-standing or attached to walls. They are also known as

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