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Stockwell Street – University of Greenwich Green Roof London

The University of Greenwich’s Department of Architecture and Landscape, in Stockwell Street has extensive green roofs, used as follows: about half the area is designed as roof gardens (‘intensive green roofs’) and are accessible to landscape architecture students and staff

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Battersea Power Station

After 40 years of electricity generation, Battersea Power Station was shut down between 1975 and 1978. A competition for its redevelopment was held in 1983. It led to nothing, as did many subsequent schemes from subsequent owners. In 2012 the

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Public access to green roofs and roof gardens

Cities are becoming denser and busier and higher and more polluted. This tends to make ground level space less attractive, because it is becoming noisier, windier, more shady and more polluted. But it also makes rooftop space more attractive, because

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