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London Landscape Replacement Policy

Brexiteers have called for London to become a ‘Singapore-on-Thames’ and one aspect of this is very attractive. Singapore has seen itself as a Garden City for many years and it agreed  a landscape replacement policy in 2009. LUSH 2.0 is

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London requires a Comprehensive Greenway Network for green transport and active leisure journeys

Greenways are a key aspect of landscape planning for London’s green infrastructure and the city has been building greenways since they were included in the 1943-4 Abercrombie Plan. They include medieval alleys, garden streets, shared streets, pedestrian streets, canal towpath

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Movement in Landscape Architecture

Lancelot Brown called himself a place-maker. But what is a ‘place’? The word derives, via French, from the Latin word platea. It meant ‘street’ in classical Latin. In post-classical Latin it was used for market places and other public spaces. Brown

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Roadside planting for beauty and biodiversity

In his introduction to a book on Roadside planting (Country Life, 1930) the Chief Engineer for the Ministry of Transport’s Roads Department (C.H. Bressey) wrote that ‘The services which the Roads Beautifying Association is in a position to render… will

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Beijing tackles air pollution by shifting the muck around.

Beijing is planning a network of “ventilation corridors” to promote air flow and blow smpg away. Five main corridors will be 800 m wide and minor ones will be 80 m wide according to Wang Fei, deputy head of Beijing’s

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‘Should Oxford Street be pedestrianised?’ Landscape architects say ‘yes’

Landscape architects Tom Turner and Robert Holden debate whether Oxford Street should be pedestrianised as a shared street. ‘Yes’ is their answer. Oxford Street is an environmental disaster zone which claims to be ‘Europe’s premier shopping street’. Oxford Street has

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A landscape architects’ approach to greening Tooley Street in London

Robert Holden and Tom Turner discuss the landscape architecture of Tooley Street with reference to its history and to the ideas of Jane Jacobs and Jan Gehl.  The name Tooley Street is a corruption of ‘St Olave’s Street’ – and

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Don’t breathe in Oxford Street

                        Caption: An image of a traffic free Oxford Street from one of Labour’s 2016 Mayoral candidates, Christian Wolmar. David Carslaw’s paper at the June 2014 London Air Quality Network

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The landscape architecture of green streets

Landscape architects and urban designers can green streets and other routes as a contribution to mitigating climate change by undertaking or promoting some or all of the following desiderata: plan ecological corridors to promote migration of flora and fauna, conserve water,  use

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Garden streets in London

Garden streets are a very special type of green street. They are effectively traffic calmed by local residents extending their gardening activities into the public realm. Such initiatives tend to come from individual activist gardeners who show what can be

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