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The Yorkshire trod is a great way to make a footpath

The OED defines a trod as ‘A trodden way; a footpath, path, way. (dialect)’.   Phillips New World of Words (1678) explained Trode as ‘an old word signifying a path’. It slipped out of general use but survives in some parts

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Greenway definition

As with the term ‘landscape architecture’, you can define the meaning of the term ‘greenway’ either from its linguistic origins or from the history of the idea it represents. ‘Greenway’ was coined by an inspiring urban analyst. William H Whyte, 

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London requires a Comprehensive Greenway Network for green transport and active leisure journeys

Greenways are a key aspect of landscape planning for London’s green infrastructure and the city has been building greenways since they were included in the 1943-4 Abercrombie Plan. They include medieval alleys, garden streets, shared streets, pedestrian streets, canal towpath

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London’s water, waterscape and flood landscape

The Architectural Review published an article on Architecture and Water, in 2014, supported by three videos which are embedded below. It’s great to see architects having a concern for these issues and many good points are made by the interviewees.

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The Greenway from Newham to Tower Hamlets

The Northern Outfall Sewer, which runs from Wick Lane to Beckton sewage treatment works was designed by Joseph Bazalgette after the 1853 cholera outbreak. Walkers were able to use much of the land above the sewer and it was known as Sewerbank.

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Waterlink Way – a greenway connecting Greenwich and Lewisham

The Waterlink Way, from Greenwich to Lewisham, was ‘completed’ c 2009 and is categorised as a greenwway on the TfL Website. The section south of Lewisham Town Centre has been much improved since the 1980s and is now a valuable

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All London Green Grid – landscape and open space planning

Creating networks of long-distance walks, like the London Loop, the Capital Ring and the Jubilee Greenway is an aspect of landscape and open space planning for London and should be integrated with landscape planning for and cycle routes. The All London

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The landscape architecture of London’s proposed Garden Bridge

Two landscape architects (Robert Holden and Tom Turner) discuss the urban design and landscape architectural aspects of the London Garden Bridge proposal. We like the idea of a bridge-which-is-more-than-just-a-crossing but agree with local residents’ that it is in the wrong

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