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Barbican housing landscape architecture review

 ‘The landscape architecture of the Barbican housing development in London is very good and very bad‘ conclude Robert Holden and Tom Turner.

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Convoys Wharf planning application for Plot 08

In 2011,  I reviewed the Hutchison Whampoa Master Plan for Convoys wharf. A modified version of the plan, scarcely improved, received planning permission in 2014 and an application for the first phase has now been submitted. My reasons for urging Lewisham

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Geoffrey Jellicoe urban landscape design for Motopia housing

Motopia was a visionary urban design project, sponsored by Pilkington Glass and published in a 1959 book. As explained in the book’s Acknowledgements, the project team comprised Ove Arup, as engineer, Edward Mills as architect and Geoffrey Jellicoe as landscape architect

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House building on the London Green Belt: would a Grand Bargain make it possible?

Should house building be allowed on London’s Green Belt? Not yet. Building on brownfield land and densification are better options. But if we look further into the future, as did an advocate of landscape architecture in 1829, building on the

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Where should Britain’s new housing be built? London?

The UK’s population expected to rise by 10 million in 25 years. This will take it from 64.6 million to 74.3 million in 2039. As Ebenezer Howard asked ‘Where will the people go?’. Birmingham’s population is 1.074m so that’s another

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London Housing Crisis

Costs of London rents and freehold properties are rising beyond ordinary workers’ means (to £474,544 in June 2015 (i)). People are having to travel from outside the Greenbelt at great expense. The Mayor’s draft Housing Policy (2014) forecast a need

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Deptford Creekside housing

Deptford Creekside East is a housing development designed by Squire and Partners. The best thing about it is the roof gardens which, because they are for residents only (sensibly) I have not visited. The interiors, judging from the adverts, are

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Regent’s Park Terraces – housing as architecture and landscape in London

The Regent’s Park Terraces are London’s finest example of scenic architecture. The define the space. John Nash designed a full elevation for the buildings enclosing Regent’s Park and was then involved with the detailed design of: Cumberland Terrace, Chester Terrace,

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Robin Hood Gardens landscape architecture London

In mid-2015, the future of the Smithson’s design for Robin Hood Gardens in East London remains uncertain. The current proposal is demolition followed by re-building to a masterplan by Aedas. Richard Rogers and the Smithsons’ son (Simon, an architect) are

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