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Landscape Institute 2021 Elections – please vote for President, Vice President and LI Council Members

I’m really pleased that the UK Landscape Institute has arranged for each of the 2021 election candidates to record a manifesto, as a video. See links to election manifesto videos on the LI website. It’s not so long since the

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UK Forestry and the work of the landscape architecture profession

UK landscape architect’s interest in forestry is centuries old. John Evelyn did not use the term ‘landscape architect’ but he published a famous book Sylva, or A Discourse of Forest-Trees and the Propagation of Timber in 1664, advocating and supporting

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Diana Armstrong Bell: eLecture on Sculpting the Land – Friday 26 March

Get free ticket from Eventbrite Diana founded her award-winning practice, Armstrong Bell Landscape Design in 1984 and works across the Middle East, Europe and the UK, with a focus on large scale public landscapes.Distinctive designs for urban parks and spaces

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Madness in Greenwich Park

The granite setts below below the Royal Observatory and on the heavily used visitor route to the Maritime Museum have been replaced by bitumen macadam. Chris Churchman was the landscape architect for the walk and platform. He designed it as

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20 ANSWERS to 20 questions about landscape architecture Q&A

This video asks AND ANSWERS, over 20 fundamental questions about landscape architecture, as an art and a profession. You can read them an outline for a Theory of Landscape Architecture. For more Q&A, please click the tab (top right, above)

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Landscape Matters: a new quarterly journal about landscape architecture

The inaugural edition of a new electronic magazine called LANDSCAPEmatters is now available. It aims to promote the study and general advancement of the arts and science of landscape and to serve as a medium for friendly intercourse between members

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Q&A Landscape Architecture

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Landscape Institute LI: history and future

Transcript of video. What is the purpose of the Landscape Institute? An institute is “an organisational body created for a certain purpose”. So, for the Landscape Institute, what is that purpose? My preferred answer comes from our best known and

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Future Vision for the UK Landscape Institute LI

Future Vision for the Landscape Institute UK This article by Robert Holden, Edward Hutchison and Tom Turner was written in response to a general request from the then president of the LI for articles about the its future. It was

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Jordan Peterson: God, post-Postmodernism and Metamodernism

Is Jordan Peterson’s philosophical position Modern, Postmodern, post-Postmodern or Metamodern? Politically, the left castigates Jordan Peterson as ‘right-wing’ and even ‘alt-right’1. Sections of the right do admire him. But Peterson sees himself, reasonably in my view , as a classical

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