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The brilliant landscape architecture of Edinburgh New Town

Was Edinburgh’s new town planned by a landscape architect? Yes.  One could argue that the term ‘landscape architect’ was not invented until 1828 and could not apply to a competition design submitted in 1766.  But the term ‘architect’ did not

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Ian McHarg’s legacy to landscape architecture & landscape urbanism

Ian McHarg’s legacy to the landscape architecture profession was threefold: He wrote a brilliant book, on Design with nature (1969) He made an important contribution to the development of Geographical Information Systems and one of his students, Jack Dangermond, developed the

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ESRI origins of Geodesign

Professor David Maguire, as Vice-Chancellor of the University Greenwich gave a short talk on Geodesign at the opening of the 2017 ECLAS conference. He worked in Geographical Information Systems for 25 years before coming to Greenwich and much of the

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Environmental impact design EID

I first came across the term Environmental Impact Assessment in 1974. Bill Gillespie had been part of a four-firm consortium which won a UNDP contract to produce a plan for the Suez Canal Zone. He sent me (with Paul Taylor)

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The world’s richest landscape architect

Forbes Magazine is running an article on, so far as I know, the only landscape architect to have joined the billionaire club.  Describing him as The Godfather of Digital Maps, Forbes reports that ‘Dangermond was raised in Redlands, Calif., a town of

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Charles Waldheim Landscape as Urbanism: A General Theory, review by Tom Turner

This is an important book. Teachers should read it to place their pedagogy on a theoretical basis. Practitioners should read it to improve their design projects. Even now, too many landscape architects base their work on outdated Modernist principles. A

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The Bible and Landscape Urbanism

Too often, landscape urbanism is explained in the difficult language of structuralist and post-structuralist philosophy. It can also be explained, in Biblical language. The Parable of the Wise and the Foolish Builders  (The Bible, Luke 6:46-49 and Matthew 7:24–27) illustrates the fact

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James Corner answered my question about landscape urbanism and the QE Park

James Corner gave a very good lecture to a 300+ audience at the University of Greenwich yesterday. I went with a question, which was answered in the course of the lecture and did not need to be put. The question was this: ‘I

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Landscape Urbanism: definitions and history

The definition of landscape urbanism which informs the above video is that: LANDSCAPE URBANISM is an approach to the design of cities, and their components, which aims to make good places through a creative integration of natural,  human and cultural process layers (Tom Turner, 2015). Notes

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Theory in landscape architecture

I use the word theory, in one of the senses defined in the Oxford English Dictionary, to mean ‘A conception of something to be done, or the method of doing it’. Landscape architecture theory is therefore concerned with what to

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