Competition: Social Design Award 2017: Good Ideas for Green City Oases!

DER SPIEGEL is seeking entries for the 2017 Social Design Award. It is being offered for the fourth time and is very well suited to entries from landscape architects. The 2017 competition theme is: Ideas for improving life in our public green spaces. The submission requirements are answers to the following questions:


  1. What aspects of your idea fulfill the social criteria of the competition?
    (max. 1,000 characters, incl. spaces)
  2. What is it that makes your idea innovative?
    Please describe what it is that differentiates your design from similar ones that have already been implemented. (max. 1,000 characters including spaces)
  3. Which part of community life in the park or in public green spaces do you aim to improve with your idea?  Is there a specific problem that your idea is meant to solve? Or is there a particular aspect that is key to your idea? Please describe how your idea improves coexistence in parks or in green spaces and for whom. If the idea has already been implemented, please outline its impact. If it hasn’t been implemented yet, please explain which outcome you are hoping for. (max. 1,000 characters,including spaces)
  4. Is there anything else we should know about your idea? You can use this space to share details about what has motivated you personally to develop this idea, relevant anecdotes, personal statements or any other interesting details you would like to tell us about your idea. (max. 500 characters including spaces)
  5. Images. Please include 2-5 photographs of the competition entry. These can include plans, sketches of the design or photographs of the completed idea. The images should illustrate how the competition entry will look.

Tom Turner

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