A day in the life of Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park is a brilliant work of landscape composition. On what must have been an unremarkable site, buildings, land, water, trees, wildlife and gardens have been composed into a place that should by on many London visitors’ bucket lists. It is one the best public places to see London’s famed expertise in gardens. The above video was taken on Sunday 5th November 2017 –¬†Guy Fawkes Day. I have been there often but was most impressed by Regent Park’s harmony and beauty, by the late-blooming roses and by the rich variety of its wildlife. Having learned from Loyd Grossman that the park has the only breeding population of hedgehogs in a London Park I was sorry to meet one of his prickly pals. I used to work near the Park but have never been there in the dark.

30 No. hedgehogs in Regent’s Park is too few for me


Tom Turner

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