Landscape Architecture ideas competition: design an island

Design an island – $10,000 to win!

ISLAND design ideas competition

There is still 4 weeks until the submission deadline: 1.59pm Eastern Time on Friday, June 2, 2017. The requirements, for an electronic submission, are: a name, a location, 500 words of text and three sheets with imperial dimensions (approx 2 No. A4 and one No. A3). The organisers are the University of Pennsylvania and the prize money is $10,000. See LA+ IMAGINATION Design Ideas Competition. There are no professional qualifications for entry. All you need is design imagination: 

Paradisiacal, utopian, dystopian, heterotopian – islands hold an especially enigmatic and beguiling place in our geographical imagination. Existing in juxtaposition to what’s around them, islands are figures of otherness and difference. Differentiated from their contexts and as much myth as reality, islands have their own rules, their own stories, their own characters, their own ecologies, their own functions, and their own forms.

Tom Turner

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