Landscape Matters: a new quarterly journal about landscape architecture

LANDSCAPEmatters: contents of Issue 1 January 2021

The inaugural edition of a new electronic magazine called LANDSCAPEmatters is now available. It aims to promote the study and general advancement of the arts and science of landscape and to serve as a medium for friendly intercourse between members of the profession and others practicing or interested. By encouraging intellectual discussion, sharing knowledge, experience and solutions, it is hoped that it will help to progress our collective agendas. The magazine is independent of any corporate ties, is not self-promotional and has accessible descriptions and analysis that should appeal beyond the core landscape readership.

The first article re-ignites the debate on the identity of the landscape profession and the need to offer something new to readers. Topically, it touches on the way forward for our countryside and green space; illustrates the importance of observational drawing and covers the international and humanitarian agendas. It has a book review that stresses the relevance to us of land economics and political ideology. There is a letters section where opinions can be freely expressed. Contributions to future editions are very welcome and should be sent to the editor at

The authors have organised a debate on higher education and are planning future ones on woodland strategies and landscape and visual guidelines. If anyone wishes to be on the mailing list to join these please contact


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