Nine Lectures on Landscape Architecture

A lecture series organised by the London Branch of the Landscape Institute (LI_London) , the Friends of the Landscape Archive at Reading (FOLAR) and the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) is going to be published on Youtube on Sunday evenings (7-8pm) from 19th April to 14th June.

By visiting each of the URLs listed below you can request notifications to be sent to your phone and computer. The URLs are active but the videos can’t be watched  until the time of publication. The aim is to gather online to watch ‘together’ and chat while they play. Popcorn is allowed. Youtube will show a countdown for 2 minutes before the video appears. They will run for  about 30 minutes and will be followed by a Q&A session. Further discussion can follow on on Twitter. Please include the hashtag #LandscapeHour. The first Season is in three parts: 

The  Landscape Architecture of High buildings and Skylines 

  1. 19th April Benz Kotzen  The future landscape of high buildings – a world view 
  2. 26th April Tom Turner  City skyscape policies 
  3. 3rd May Robert Holden: London can be densified without resorting to high buildings 

Heroines of British landscape architecture

  1. 10th May Elizabeth Crawford   Fanny Wilkinson – a pioneer London park designer 
  2. 17th May Wendy Tippett Sylvia Crowe’s work on the landscape of roads, in Bristol  
  3. 24th May  Paula Laycock Sheila Haywood, a notable modernist landscape architect  

The landscape of  state-financed industry

  1. 31st May Jane Findlay introduction & Alan Powers on  The Role of Post-War Nationalised Industries, the commanding heights of the economy, and the work of landscape architects
  2. 7th June Helen Neve Landscape and Environmental Planning for construction of the Natural Gas Network 
  3. 14th June Richard Flenley Landscape of Coal: deep mining and the Opencast Executive

PDF schedule for 9 lectures on landscape_architecture

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