What is landscape planning and environmental impact design EID? Q&A

What is the difference between landscape planning and Environmental Impact Design EID?

Question: What are landscape planning and environmental impact design EID?

Short answer: It’s the first stage in the design process, with an emphasis on public goods. At the larger scale, it involves plans for areas of land, including, planning zones, geographical regions and administrative areas. At the project scale, it involves Environmental Impact Designs for land development projects.


Tom Turner answers the question ‘What is landscape planning’ with reference to his book on Landscape Planning and Environmental Impact Design. The topics mentioned include Spatial Planning, Single-objective Projects, Multi-objective Projects. Forest landscape design. Environmental Assessment. EIA. EID. Collective Unconscious. The people mentioned include Gifford Pinchot, Frederick Law Olmsted, Geoffrey Jellicoe, Sylvia Crowe, Gilbert Laing Meason, John Claudius Loudon, Patrick Geddes, Ian McHarg, Jack Dangermond, Carl Steinitz, Carl Gustav Jung, Jordan Peterson.

Who should lead environmental assessment project teams?

It needs to be a generalist and it depends on the type of project. If it involves buildings, habitats, roads, water, land etc the project manager must know about all these things – and landscape architects are well qualified for the role.