Results LA+ IMAGINATION Island Design Competition

The results of  Upenn’s landscape architecture competition have been announced. Congratulations to the winners! See LAA blog post on the competition announcement. It attracted 180 entries from 33 countries, including 11 from the UK (and 1 from me).  The  Jury Chair, Richard Weller, commented that “The winning entries tell us something about what’s lurking in the unfettered imagination of contemporary design culture: we have monstrous ecological machines, places of melancholy, emergent digital natures, and of course, those old curmudgeons, utopia and dystopia. It’s an amazing archipelago of ideas.”

The five winning entries were from Australia, the USA, and New Zealand:

• “The Island of Lost Objects” by Jacky Bowring
• “Coastal Paradox” by Bradley Cantrell (University of Virginia), Fionn Byrne (University of British Columbia) + Emma Mendel (Nelson Byrd Woltz)
• “United Plastic Nation” by Noel Schardt + Bjoern Muendner (Freischaerler Architects)
• “The Dredge Islands” by Neeraj Bhatia, Cesar Lopez + Jeremy Jacinth (The Open Workshop)
• “Pla-Kappa: A Cautionary Tale of Accumulation” by Tei Carpenter, Arianna Deane + Ashely Kuo (Agency—Agency)

LA+ IMAGINATION Island Design Competition 2017 Winners

LA+ IMAGINATION Island Design Competition 2017 Winners



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