The arts, artists and landscape architecture

What is the relationship between the arts and landscape architecture?

For example:

  • Is landscape architecture a fine art?
  • Is landscape architecture an applied art?
  • Is landscape environmental art or land art?

The online journal LANDSCAPEmatters launched a debate on landscape and art in 2021 and it can be watched on the first two videos, below. Following this, will be discussions etc about the relationships between art, the environment and landscape urbanism. There should be 10+ videos on this page by the end of 2021

– A comment on Environmental Art & Landscape Architecture by Tom Turner in March 2021, when Brodie McAllister began thinking about a debate on the subject.

– An introduction, by Brodie, to the LANDSCAPEmatters debate on Environmental Art and Landscape Architecture.

– The debate, in which seven artists and landscape architects outline their views of environmental art and landscape architecture: they were Brodie McAllister, Andrew Stonyer, Catherine Dee, Ian Thompson, Trudi Entwhistle, Scott Farlow and Edward Hutchison. The debate was organised by LANDSCAPEmatters and held on 15th June 2021.
– A summary of the debate – with a comment by Tom Turner
– A discussion, by Robert Holden and Tom Turner, about a 2021 artwork, in the courtyard of Somerset House in London. It’s name was Forest For Change. The artist for the project was Es Devlin and the landscape architect was Philip Jaffa of Scape. So it’s both a work of art and a work of landscape architecture. But where is the line of separation? The critics visited the project in the same week as the LANDSCAPCEmatters debate.
– An interview with Edward Hutchison, who is an artist, a landscape architect and the author of a well-known book on Landscape Drawing
– An essay about the relationship between music and landscape architecture.
– A comment, by Tom, about the desirability of a marriage between Environmental Art and the design method known as Landscape Urbanism
– An account, also by Tom, of making a Dragon Garden for the Druk White Lotus School in Ladakh India. The podcast explains the design in three ways: as an abstract pattern, as a conventional design narrative, and as a children’s story, written for the clients: the school children

– A discussion, by Robert Holden and Tom Turner about the 2021 Marble Arch Mound