Can cyclists and HGVs share a busy road?

Most of the cyclist deaths in London are caused by heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) being unaware of cyclists. Due to HGVs being so much bigger than cyclists, a lot of drivers don’t tend to see the cyclist. Unfortunately, this can cause injuries to the cyclist, or it could even cause death. If you’ve ever been using the road as a cyclist and have been in an accident with a HGV, you may be entitled to compensation for personal injury costs. You’d just have to get in contact with your local law firm to try and get some compensation. Unfortunately, it’s not just HGV drivers causing problems for cyclists. Delivery vans, taxis, and buses are also unpleasant company for cyclists, as shown on the above video of an incident at the notorious Elephant and Castle Roundabout. Whilst cyclists may feel they don’t have a place on the road, it’s important that road users spend more time looking out for these cyclists. Delivery vans, taxis, and buses have been known to collide with cyclists on occasions previously, but there is never enough evidence to show what really happened. That’s why more fleet companies are installing the best dash cams in their fleet vehicles to ensure that their drivers aren’t involved in any accidents or collisions with any other road users. Hopefully, with more of these dash cams being installed, there should be a decline in the number of accidents involving fleet vehicles and cyclists. However, dash cams are just one step in the right direction, there are other things that could be done too. Stop Killing Cyclists organised a protest in 2014, following a fatal accident. After this accident, a lot more people become passionate about the issue and are now protesting for improved safety legislation for cyclists using busy roads nationally.

I saw an illegally parked G4S Van creating a hazard which might have caused several fatalities.

After many protests from many people, TfL has published and is implementing, a plan to make the Elephant and Castle safer for cyclists. I hope it works – and wish they had involved cycling landscape architects in the design. An interesting aspect of the proposal is that it makes some use of the traffic island, which is one of London’s least used public open spaces. I can’t see it rivaling Trafalgar Square for visitor numbers. Whilst London definitely requires some work with their transports routes, it’s similar around the world. Cyclists are, sometimes, in danger when they head out on busier roads. Hopefully, there will be changes in some of the busiest areas.

TfL design for safe cycling at the Elephant and Castle roundabout
TfL design for safe cycling at the Elephant and Castle roundabout

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