This video shows the destruction of an iconic Postmodern building in London:

The design trends of the century from 1910 to 2010 can be classified as:

  • Mo: Modernism is summarised in the principles that form follows function and less is more
  • PoMo: Postmodernism is summarised in the principles of double-coding and less is bore – so designers should go beyond the principles of modernism
  • PoPoMo: post-Postmodernism rests on the principle that designers should go beyond Postmodernism by restoring values and beliefs to their central position in the design process

Landscape architects have been less interested in design theory than architects, possibly because their work is rooted in the eternal realities of the earth and nature. But they have been unavoidably influenced by the design trends of the century and, with PoPoMo, have the opportunity to regain the leadership role in the world of ideas that they enjoyed in the eighteenth century.