Landscape Architecture

Landscape architects compose paving and buildings with landform, water and planting to make gardens, parks, towns, greenways, green roofs, school grounds, university campuses, woodlands and many other types of designed landscape. The LAA website showcases the types of work the landscape architecture profession has done and can do to create a good environment and other public goods for society.

Landscape Institute Members Group – Reviews of LI policies, procedures and activities 

The LAA website has interviews with landscape architects and a section on the 2022-3 Landscape Institute Crisis resulting from the attempted removal of the President Elect.

london landscape architects

Torsion, Naum Gabo’s constructivist fountain can symbolise an important aspect of  London’s landscape architecture: it deals with dynamic elements in three dimensions.

Please see our About page for more information about the aims of the LAA landscape architecture website. It is a not-for-profit website with an initial focus on London landscape architects. If other cities would like to help explain what the landscape profession can do for their locality, the scope of the website will expand to include other cities and regions.

LANDSCAPEmatters Journal and Debates.