LANDSCAPEmatters – a new UK magazine of landscape archtecture

Congratulations to LANDSCAPEmatters on the first issue of a new quarterly journal about landscape architecture. It’s free. It’s international. It’s electronic. And it aims for high quality content without the often-turgid encumbrances of a refereed journal. AND it has book reviews. The target audience is thinking practitioners. If you’d like to sign up for future issues, or write for the journal, please see the LANDSCAPEmatters website or email [email protected]

To read the journal online, please click this link to go to Paperturn. Or, to download a pdf copy, please click this link.

The authors of the articles in the first issue are
Brodie McAllister – who’s the editor, and who sees a need for landscape architects to re-engage with the fine arts
Tony Edwards – who sees that Covid has led everyone to place a higher value on green spaces
Merrick Denton-Thompson who argues that farmers, guided by EU subsidies, have inflicted terrible environmental damage – which the landscape profession hopes to reverse, through Estate Management Plans.
Then we have two authors who worked together, and with Brodie, to establish the Humanitarian Landscape Collective. Lionel Fanshawe argues for a global outlook and Rhys Jones that the sustainable development agenda is just as important in the UK as in the rest of the world.
Edward Hutchison, making his point as effectively with text as with his beautiful drawings, argues that, through drawing, one is able, in part, “to enter into the mind of the original designer”. His example is the project that changed the direction of Geoffrey Jellicoe’s design thinking: the Kennedy Memorial at Runnymede. It is “a brilliant balance of magic, simplicity and theatre”.