Waste Mapping Design Resources

Terrain Talks 005: Waste Mapping Design Resources: Found, Discarded & Regenerative

7.00pm Thursday October 19th 2023

at Falmouth University (Woodlane Campus) (Bar + doors open at 6.30pm)


We invite you to join us for an evening event which discusses the theme of waste.

In particular, we will be exploring how surplus products from our local landscapes have the potential to create opportunities for more circular building systems, at both strategic and practical levels.

The three speakers are:

Loretta Bosence, landscape architect at Local Works Studio

Tom Kemp, an active Landworker and Forester from Working Woodlands Cornwall

Rosanna Martin from Brickworks at CAST

The event will be chaired by Tom Ebdon (Architect + PHD Student)

Loretta Bosence

Loretta Bosence is co-founder of Local Works Studio who are designers, builders and hands-on circular economy specialists. Their work provides sensitive, collaborative design, innovative craftsmanship, and holistic strategies for participatory shaping and improvement of our environments.

She works with diverse construction professionals, tradespeople and local communities to realise low-carbon public realm & landscape projects that prioritise human relationships. She is a resourceful maker and designer who enjoys working hands-on in the landscape. At Local Works Studio, Loretta leads on landscape research, strategy & design, and participatory placemaking.

Tom Kemp

Tom Kemp has been involved with regenerative forestry since he was 13. He is now one of the directors and head forester with Working Woodlands Cornwall, a community interest company which aims to restore woodland habitat in Cornwall and make our communities more self reliant in all kinds of forest products from timber to charcoal.

When not in the woods, Tom can be found figuring out more exciting ways of growing pigs in complex regenerative and circular economy systems, growing heritage cereals and creating a new world order with friends round a cauldron of locally grown food over a roaring fire.

Rosanna Martin

Rosanna Martin graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2013 and now lives and works in Cornwall. Her practice is rooted in ceramics and crosses into textiles, fine art and vernacular architecture. She has co-founded two projects in Cornwall in recent years, Brickworks and Brickfield; both focused on enabling community making through use and exploration of local waste clays. Brickworks is an open access ceramics studio based at CAST, the artist studio complex in Helston. Brickfield is set in a disused china clay pit on the outskirts of St. Austell. Originally created as an experimental community brickworks, it is now transforming into a site for artistic and multidisciplinary research, within the post-industrial landscape.

Tom Ebdon

Tom is an architect with extensive experience of private practice and academia. His continued focus has been upon the establishment of a Radical Regionalism, a reading of architecture that addresses climate breakdown, deeply acknowledges place, and seeks to establish a harmonious relationship with that place. Since 2015 he has been running Falmouth Universities Live build projects in which each year structures are built in timber and clay, without concrete.

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