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A lecture by Robert Skidelsky on Keynes (gosh he is so sharp at the age of 79) prompts thought of eco-economics, which he mentioned as one answer to the post-2008 slump critique of mainstream economics. Maynard Keynes of course had

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Listed London landscape destroyed

In the 1960s part of the London County Council’s Holland Park was given over to the new Commonwealth Institute. Designed by RMJM the new building was remarkable for its hyperbolic paraboloid roof. It was described as a tent in a

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The landscape architecture of highways

The current LI President spent eight years, as a volunteer, trying to protect Twyford Down from the M3 motorway. Merrick Denton-Thompson’s account of the Battle for Twyford Down is in the above video (8.48 to 21:20). It was lost and Barbara Bryant,

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FOLAR lectures on the landscape architecture of the British New Towns

FOLAR has published a video of lectures on the landscape architecture of the British New Towns. They were given at the FOLAR study day on 19th March 2016. The speakers included: Oliver Rock, Elain Harwood, Caroline Gould  and Tom Turner. My lecture is not

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Landscape architecture volunteering in Cambodia

Gordon Evans’ report on his work as a landscape architect, for Buddhism for Social Development Action (BSDA) in Cambodia Opportunities for landscape architects to work in Cambodia are very much thinner on the ground than for, say, agricultural scientists or hydro-engineers.

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The Lost Lectures of Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe

On the 20th anniversary of his death, the LAA has published 4 videos in honour of Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe. They include 2 unpublished lectures which languished in my attic for 35 years: On draughtsmanship: Jellicoe remembers learning to draw at the

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Geoffrey Jellicoe urban landscape design for Motopia housing

Motopia was a visionary urban design project, sponsored by Pilkington Glass and published in a 1959 book. As explained in the book’s Acknowledgements, the project team comprised Ove Arup, as engineer, Edward Mills as architect and Geoffrey Jellicoe as landscape architect

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Geoffrey Jellicoe lecture on the relationship of landscape architecture to architecture

Lecturing on the relationship of landscape architecture to architecture,  Jellicoe explains why these arts are ‘interlocked’. He describes Landscape Architecture as ‘the most comprehensive of the arts’ and Architecture as ‘the noblest of the arts’. ‘Noble’ is an interesting adjective. Jellicoe probably used it

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Geoffrey Jellicoe lecture on landscape drawing and draughtsmanship

Jellicoe remembers learning to draw at the AA in the 1920s. As he explains in this video, he then went to Italy with Jock Shepherd to study, survey and draw its renaissance gardens. Intimidated by his friend’s graphic talent Jellicoe gave

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Geoffrey Jellicoe: landscape and environmental planning for Loch Kishorn Oil Rig Yard

The Howard Doris Oil Rig Yard on the north shore of Loch Kishorn operated from 1975 to 1987. After seeing an earlier planning application for a yard at Drumbuie fail, the developers appointed Geoffrey Jellicoe as their landscape architect. The yard was

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