Deptford Creekside housing

Deptford Creekside East is a housing development designed by Squire and Partners. The best thing about it is the roof gardens which, because they are for residents only (sensibly) I have not visited. The interiors, judging from the adverts, are comfortable and have good views. The exteriors are cold, unfriendly and unrelated to their historic context – except that Deptford was famous as a shipyard and the exteriors resemble a modern warship. The worst thing about the development is the planning and design of the ground level space around the buildings. It has nothing of the ‘garden’quality appropriate to a residential development. Even as surroundings for an office development it could not be expected to get much use. Most of the space is hard paved, bleak and windswept. The charmless water feature adds to the chill factor.

Tom Turner

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