London needs more green living walls

London needs more green walls for all its residents.

Living green walls, if you don’t know, are panels of plants grown vertically using hydroponics, on structures that can be either free-standing or attached to walls. They are also known as vertical gardens or ecowalls.
Living green walls are made up of plants that are inserted into a growing medium (e.g. soil) and then placed on walls of buildings, internally or externally, to provide greenery. They provide the benefits of plants, but use minimal space. Externally, living walls clean the air, muffle traffic noise and provide birds with places to nest and food to eat. Internally, living walls clean the air, boost productivity and creativity and reduce stress. Living walls look great in an office. Why not check out phs Greenleaf who design and install living walls! The environmental assessment questions put by development control officers to applicants for planning permission should include ‘Does the scheme include green living walls? If not, why not?’

Tom Turner

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  1. Robert Holden says:

    London needs all sorts of SUDS: green roofs, permeable paving, policies to stop paving over front gardens for impermeable driveways or parking, a separate non-potable water supply, balancing pounds and swales, and ending high pressure paving cleaning using drinking water (as at Canary Wharf) for example. And if this had been implemented as a policy twenty or thirty years ago (as happened in West Berlin), then London would not have to spend £15 billion on the Thames Tideway Tunnel.
    But London does NOT need lots of expensive, maintenance intensive, unsustainable green walls of the Patrick Blanc type, with irrigation water from drinking water supplies. The ecological benefits and calming can easily be achieved by planting self-clinging planting, a couple of Pathenocissus or ivy plants would achieve just the same, without irrigation, without a polymer support frame and without much maintenance. See the Admiralty Citadel facing Horse Guard Parade in Whitehall, to see what traditional planting can achieve: see

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