London requires a Comprehensive Greenway Network for green transport and active leisure journeys

Greenways are a key aspect of landscape planning for London’s green infrastructure and the city has been building greenways since they were included in the 1943-4 Abercrombie Plan. They include medieval alleys, garden streets, shared streets, pedestrian streets, canal towpath walks, cycleways, bridleways, bridges, beaches, promenades, long-distance paths (like the Thames Path, the Capital Ring and the Loop) and part-time greenways (like The Mall on Sunday and the main avenue in Greenwich Park). Many of these greenway routes are wonderful. But they all suffer from not forming part of a planned network. So the time has come for landscape architects to lead the planning, design and construction of a comprehensive London Greenway Network.

The work of joining up London’s rich assortment of greenways should begin with the planning of north-south and east-west greenway routes

Tom Turner

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