Q&A Landscape Architecture

18 Questions about landscape architecture + Answers from Tom Turner

What is “landscape architecture”?

What is the purpose of a Landscape Institute?

Did Geoffrey and Susan Jellicoe seek to promote landscape architecture?

Was Frederick Law Olmsted the ‘father of landscape architecture’?

What is the origin of the term ‘landscape architecture’?

Is ‘landscape architecture’ a good term?

Why was the UK Landscape Institute established?

When and how did landscape architects become involved with public open space?

Who founded the International Federation of Landscape Architects – IFLA?

WHAT was Frank Clark’s Lament about landscape architecture?

Should professional institutes run examinations – or should the universities do it?

Why did the Institute of Landscape Architects change its name to the Landscape Institute?

How should the term ‘landscape architecture’ be conceptualised?

When will the UK Landscape Institute be 100 years old?

What is the landscape urbanism design method?

Why did Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe see the ‘collective landscape’ as a ‘social necessity’?

What is the relationship between landscape architecture and urban design?

What is landscape planning?