Should LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE be above, below or equal to ARCHITECTURE?

Historically and logically, landscape architecture leads architecture. Administratively, the relationship is the other way about, far too often

This sign was outside the building where I studied studied landscape architecture in a University of Edinburgh building in George Square. The typography showed ARCHITECTURE above and in a larger font size than LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE. When the University destroyed the building the sign was thrown away and my Dad rescued it. I hope its replacement, outside or inside the Edinburgh College of Art, shows a more equal relationship. A photo would be welcome. My Photoshop job shows an equal relationship, in terms of font size, and landscape architecture coming before architecture in time.

My view is that  ‘Landscape architecture is an ancient art and must be older than architecture, because you have to choose a site before you can build a structure. Our distant ancestors understood places and integrated their settlements with local environments.’  (Chapter 8, LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE: What, Why, When, How, Where, Who and What Next? Kindle Edition ebook 2017 by Tom Turner)

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Tom Turner

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