London Cycle Strategy: review of what’s good and bad in Lewisham

Parts of Lewisham’s cycle network are excellent. But …

I did the below Tweet after a bad experience at Lewisham Gateway. Then I read its 2017 Cycle Strategy and cycled more of the ‘Network’ cycle routes. My conclusions are set out in this video.

Here is a video review of Lewisham’s cycling strategy with comments on the network as it exists in 2018


  • The strategy itself and some of the cycle paths are better than one could ever expect from the benighted ‘Lewisham Gateway’
  • the outstanding feature of the 2017 Cycle Strategy is the plan to redesign Lewisham High Street) the A21 to make it a Healthy Street with a superhighway-standard cycleway. Alas, the plan is ‘unfunded’
  • most existing Lewisham cycle routes are just signposting through suburban streets (which is not far removed from being a waste of time, money and paint)
  • too much of the Lewisham Cycle Strategy is too similar to the largely-fraudulent London Cycle Network and its LCN+ successor
  • the Waterlink Way is often very good and can be seen as a landscape urbanism approach to cycleway planning
  • as throughout London the greatest problems for Lewisham cycling are shortages of funds and of political will

All who ride bikes through Lewisham should send their views to its councillors

Tom Turner

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