UK cyclists must campaign together for cycle infrastructure #Campaign4Cycling

Congratulations to Donnachadh Mcarthy. He organised a great pro-cycling demo on 13.10.2018 – and he’s dead right:

  • much more of the transport budget must go on cycling infrastructure
  • only a major national demo will bring this about.
  • therefore all  pro-cycling clubs and charities in the UK must work together to plan the demo

So if you belong to one of them, please email its officers and ask them to help plan a national demo. Nothing else will work.

Here is a full video of the speeches.

And here are some messages to the three leading UK cycling charities

Cycling UK must campaign with BC and LCC
The London Cycling Campaign must campaign with BC and CUK
British Cycling must campaign with CUK and LCC
Sustrans must campaign with the other UK cycling charities


Tom Turner