Cycle superhighway proposed for Isle of Dogs

The Isle of Dogs could have London’s first 5-star cycle superhighway. It would be a direct link between a busy origin and a busy destination. What’s more, it would be a beautiful, safe and quiet route with better air quality than the 2015 superhighways. From the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, the route follows the Thames Path to Canary Wharf, where it connects with the CS3 Cycle Superhighway to the City and Westminster.

Since 1981, 97% of the 4 km Isle of Dogs section has been built, though it was not designed for cyclists. Only 100m awaits completion. The work should be done when the Brunel Bike Bridge  is built, reportedly by 2020, at a cost of over £65m. As argued in another video, the Brunel Bike Bridge would contribute more to East London’s cycle network if it were built in Deptford (rather than Rotherhithe).

Isle of Dogs cycle superhighway
For the cost of a Canary Wharf executive’s annual bonus, the Isle of Dogs could have 4km of superhighway-standard cycle path 


Tom Turner