Lecture on London Cycleway Network Planning

Lecture by Tom Turner on 23rd April 2018, the LI London Branch
The Landscape Urbanism Design Method should be applied to the problem of giving London the Cycleway Network it deserves:

  • for getting from A-to-B, the aim should be to make bike trips faster than all other kinds of road trip
  • to complement the ‘superhighway’ cycle commuting network TfL began planning since 2014, London should plan a network of leisure cycle routes
  • wherever possible, cycleways should be planned as greenways:

Highway engineers, transport planners and landscape architects should work together. Together, they can give London a multi-purpose cycleway network, serving transport, leisure, environmental, ecological and landscape objectives. Here is a good example of how not to design a cycleway

Context-insensitive cycleway design (image courtesy Wikipedia)

The 18 cycling videos mentioned in the lecture can be found from this link. The other videos mentioned can be found below:

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History of landscape architecture

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Tom Turner