Little Free Libraries for urban landscapes

Little library
A Little Library is a great addition to a street, square or public open space (Edinburgh UK)

Little Free Libraries are a great idea.¬† Landscape architects should include them in designs for public open spaces including parks, squares, piazzas etc. Universities should have several on every campus for textbooks as well as leisure reading. In 2010 I proposed a Bookcrossing shelf for the British Library Courtyard. Books belong on shelves and need protection from the weather. If just left on seats and walls you wonder if the owner still wants the book. If lodged in a friendly little home, preferably with a green roof, you know you’re welcome to be it’s next owner. Public libraries are being closed. Bookshelves are disappearing from homes because of eBooks.

public open space should be for culture as well as horticulture

So lets put them in public open spaces. They will attract and retain users, providing visual policing for other open space users. Landscape practices (and Landscape Institute) can sponsor signboards with the Little Free Library logo + the LI Logo

Little Free Library
Little Free Library designed as a house, in Easthampton (US)
Little Free Library
Little Free Library in a park in Almaville (US)

Tom Turner