National Cycling Protest UK 7th September 2019 in Parliament Square London

The National Cycling Protest will take place on 7th September 2019:

  • 12 Noon Assemble in Lincolns Inn Fields, London
  • 1 pm Procession
  • 2-3.30 Rally in Parliament Square

The rally will call for:

  • £6.2 billio/year to be invested in cycling infrastructure
  • Reversal of the fuel-duty cuts
  • Car-free villages, towns and city centres with safe neighbourhoods for kids

The aim is to ‘Copenhagenize‘ UK towns by raising the percentage of trips done by bike from its present level, of under 2%, to the Copenhagen level of over 41%. In 2019 Copenhagen, with a population of 602,000 has 250 miles of segregated cycleway. This compares with the 7.5 miles of superhighway-standard segregated cycleway in Central London. Taking London as an example, because that’s where I live, the above video presents the evidence to show that if London were to invest as much in cycle infrastructure as it invested in Crossrail 1 (£170/head/year) it would raise the cycling mode share from 2% to 41% in 8 years. This would add capacity for  3.8 billion trips/year compared with the 200 million trips/year that Crossrail is expected to carry. That’s 20 times as many trips for 2/3rds of the money with completion in  2/3rds of the time. And that’s an outstanding return on investment.

Tom Turner