Four truths about London cycling

1. Cycling in London is unsafe. Everybody knows this. London has 3.6 times as many accidents/1000 cyclist commuters as Copenhagen.

2. The  London Cycle Network did almost nothing for the safety of London cyclists. I therefore look forward to its death.

3. London’s  post-2015 Cycle Superhighways have proved that segregated cycle lanes are a mass transit system.  Cyclists have always known this. Now, London’s transport planners know it too (see map at end of this page).

4.  Commuters require a London Cycleway Network Plan to build the necessary cycle infrastructure for mass transit.  The network will be cost-effective, sustainable and, if well-designed, a delight to use.

London Cycle Network

The So-Called London Cycle Network was a bad thing dreamed up by good people. The dream was  of making a route network. But the London Cycling Campaign, which drew up the plan,  did not support the principle of segregating cycle paths from powered vehicules. The signposting of  ‘quiet backstreets’ did not attract users and after 40 years the reality on the streets of London is a moth-eaten mess of outdated fragments

Data from the TfL Journey Planner shows that travel from the green zone to the red marker is faster by bike than by train, tube, bus or car (mapping by Findproperly)

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Tom Turner